Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies gba rom hack

Game Info
Game Name: Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies
Console: Game Boy Advance (GBA)
Version: 1.1.1
Remake By: Dragonflye
Rom Base: Pokemon Emerald
Update Date: 19/05/2020
Status: InComplete (1Gym)
Languages: German/English
Source: Link

Description & Story :

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies,The balance of a world is about to be shaken. While the mighty Guardians of Amitec can no longer leave their stronghold, the Sacred Shards of Celestis are stolen by the cold hands of Team Tundra. Find out what this is all about, and how a simple coach suddenly carries the fate of a world, in this unique adventure!

Game Features :

-All Pokemon up to Generation 7
-Mega-developments & Protomorphosis
-Completely new design, tilesets, OWs, interfaces and sprites
-New battle engine follows the example of Generation 7
-New music
-Adjustable difficulty
-Day & Night System
-Certain actions of the antagonists have visible consequences
-The Arena Ladders (Guardians) are now part of the story

    Screenshots :

    Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies gba rom hack

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