Pokemon The Last Fire Red

Pokemon The Last Fire Red gba rom hack

Game Info
Game Name: Pokemon The Last Fire Red
Console: Game Boy Advance (GBA)
Version: 1.35
Remake By: RomsPrid.xyz
Rom Base: Pokemon Fire Red
Update Date: 08.26.2020
Status: Complete
Languages: English
Source: Romsprid.xyz

Description & Story :

Pokemon The Last Fire Red it's a New Fire Red Hack with the Same Story but with new features & events to discover.

Game Features :

-Fairy Type
-High difficulty
-New Rivals (Ash,Ritchie,Brendan,May,Tracey,N,)
-Team Rocket & Magma & Aqua in the game
-Removable Hms
-Auto Runing (L Button)
-Expanded PC Boxes (up to 24!)
-Expanded Bag
-All Moves, Abilities, Items, Item Effects through Gen 7
-A complete set of move animations
-Vastly improved AI system with decision-making skills for all new battle effects
-Z Moves with Annimations
-Mega Evolution / Primal Reversion / Ultra Burst
-Ability pop-ups
-Hidden Abilities
-Dissapearing HP-bars during Attack Animations
-New Items (Shiny Charm,GEMs,Mega Stones,Z-Crytals,and more)
-Totem Pokémon
-Item Image on obtain
-Mega Evolution in Battle
-Dynamax in Battle 
-Wild double battles
-Trainers with EVs
-Class-based Poké Balls
-Team Magma & Aqua
-Some New Events
-Graphics Updated
-New Spirits
-Running indoors
-All Pokemons From Gen 1 to 7
-Pokes' IVs
-Double battles
-PSS System
-Physical Special Split
-New Overworlds
-New Trainers
-New Evolution Methods
-Level Scaling (Trainer Pokemon levels will be set to the highest in your party)
-Ash Greninja-z (transforms in battle with his ability)
-Gen 1 Starters but all Starters in the Game except Gen8
-Exp Share (a device to enable / disable EXP sharing)
-New Evolution Stones (Dawn Stone,Dusk Stone,Shiny Stone,Trade Stone,Ice Stone,Oval Stone)
-Alolan Form
-Evolution at night & day and evening (for example rockruff in the night evolve to Lycanroc Night, and during the day it evolve to lycanrock Day or in the evening it evolve to Lycanrock Dusk)
-Every trainer have improved AI
-Day/Night/Seasons System
-Poke Montures
-And More to discover

More info :
-Froakie in Route 1
-Necrozma Forms in Cap Brink
-Greninja in Route 16
-For ash Greninja you need a Greninja with battle bond ability
-All Pokemon like Scizor,Magmortar,Electivire... and who evolve with this method you will find it in safari zone (in case you have a problem of evolution)
-To Mega Evolve in Battle,Give the Mega Stone to your pokemon and in battle if you see a mega evolution icon click start + your move
-To use Zmoves,just give the z-crystal to your pokemon and you will see the Z move icon.
-All New Items in Celadon City (and you have to search for other npc's to find other items like toxic orb, fire orb, and other )
-All Ultra Beasts in Altering Cave
-All Legendaries in random place in the game (some in safari zone)
-Ash Will Give you EXP-Share
-Prof Oak will give Mega Ring & Dynamax Band + Mega Stone
-May will Give you DexNav & Shiny Charm
-N Will Give Life Orb
-All Gen 1-7 Starters in route 16 & 17
-For the Final battle go to Mewtwo Cave

-If you talk to the gym leader after you defeat him you get another TM (I left it like that)
-in gym 8 if you Talk to Giovanni after you defeat him the Game will freeze (Do not talk to hin)
-in sabrina gym if you Talk to Sabrina when you win the Game will freeze (Do not talk to her)

Bug Fixed:
-Froakie removed from pewter city to route 1
-HM Cut - Fixed
-Route 25 - Fixed
-Pokemon Center Chansey - Bug Fixed
-Dynamax Marshadow - Bug Fixed

-Update 1.35:
-Necrozma Forms in Cap Brink
-Greninja in Route 16
-Some bugs fixed

    Screenshots :

    Pokemon The Last Fire Red gba rom hack

    Pokemon The Last Fire Red GBA ROM Hack Download:



    Nintendo ,Game Freak,Skeli,CFRU,Ghoulslash,DPE,DS,Omega,thedarkdragon11,

    -Please Report Expired / Broken Links
    -Recommended Emulator for GBA Games: VBA Emulator
    -If you have any Problem please check this page: How To
    -Use latest Winrar or Winzip to extract and Get the ROM.
    -If your Game freezes on a white Screen at Startup , Go to Options> Emulator> Save Type, And Select '128K' Flash instead of '64K' Flash, And click Reset.

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      1. Hey how can I evolve charjabug plz

      2. How do I evolve my kirlia into gallade, the dawn stone isn't working?

    2. Hi, my name is Christopher McKinney and I just downloaded Pokemon The Last Fire Red gba that came out yesterday. While playing this game, I've encountered a Froakie in Pewter City and after battling it, the game completely freezed and unable to continue my journey. Could you please tell me what I did wrong so I can fix it?

      1. no,i added a flag to this event and i think it's from this,but now you can find froakie in route 1 & 2

    3. What's up with the giant vibrating purple ball in pewter city? I click on it and game freezes. Is one not suppose to click the ball?

      1. this hole is just a decor,the guy need to block the way

    4. You can't get surf and continue with the game :/

      1. what you mean ?? all Hms working fine,the Surf in Safari Zone,

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    7. I have received cut but I can't find it in my bag

    8. the rare candy cheatcode why its not working? 😔😞

    9. I didnt get HM cut from captain.. is it a glitch?

      1. use the Cheats in the site,is working fine

    10. hello, do you have a document with all pokemon location? thx if has

    11. Found a weird glitch. Sometimes , just sometimes whenever i applied a Leech Seed and switch out , the opponent's Pokemon glitched into one of my own Pokemon , what's more confusing is when you defeat it the same Pokemon in my party fainted , and the game still thinks the battle were still going and sent out another Pokemon.

    12. Replies
      1. give the mega stone to your pokemon and in battle click start + your move

    13. After i caught the froakie my screen changed into black and i can continute the game

    14. I have activated auto run by mistake how to switch it off

    15. I already have HM cut but i can't see it on my tm case

      1. please use the cheat for CUT,you can buy it in the market

    16. need help with activating the cheats, it seems not working for me

      1. for myboy choose auto-detect for PC choose gameshark

    17. Seems like there's still a lot of bugs eh
      Gonna wait a little more i guess

      1. no you can download the new version is fixed

    18. how do i get a dexnav in the game

    19. when i insert cheat from this site VBA said : warning codes seem to be for a different game. codes may not work correctly

      the solution please

    20. Hey, im at viridian city market and they are selling rare candies for 1$ each. Its suposed to be like that?

    21. Hello, how do I get a protean froakie?

      1. I don't find single froakie in route 1. How do you get it?

    22. Hello, two questions:

      1) What is the evolution requirement for Charjabug to Vikavolt?

      2) Are all ultra beasts in the game?

      thanks in advance.

      1. 1-charjabug need to lvl up in a electric field,2-yes all ultra beasts in the game

      2. try to lvl up in rock tunnel

    23. where can we find prison bottle, gracedia,reveal glass, DNA splicers and Rotom appliances??

    24. On route 25 I battled a guy and now I'm stuck i have a screenshot but can't post here

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    26. i can't use ash greninja :( u can fix and Protean

    27. How do you get greninja's battle bond ability?

    28. Im currently experiencing a glitch where i cant move my character and a new one appears and i cant continue how do i fix these?

    29. hey, you guys know that the game becomes frozen if you level up while on Dynamax right?
      that makes gym battles so annoying

      1. also if you switch while in Dynamax your stats become all messy

      2. oh cool, talking to chansey on the pokemon center froze....... my phone
        not the game
        not the emulator
        but my fucking phone

    30. The game is really interesting...but after after crossing cerulium gym ,suddenly my game get frozen and the character is not moving forward anymore....plz suggest me what to do ...I already played it for 7 hours and I wanted to continue my game from the frozen point....plz suggest me

      1. Look kid, use savestates and never save your game near

      2. Route 24 and Route 25, also try to avoid looking at your bag, pokemon, menu, or even your pokedex and trainer card, try to defeat all the trainers in that route and never talk to motherfucking chansey..

    31. How to primal revert Groudon and Kyogre please🙏🏻

    32. Whare? The cheat of mega stone?

      1. you will find all stones in celadon city

    33. This game is terrible. Why can you get legendaries so early?

    34. It did not give the HM1 Cut so i used the Move modifier cheat.

      Move modifier
      72023D74 8919
      82023D74 8A25
      72023D74 8A4B
      82023D74 8A65
      72023D74 8A31
      82023D74 8A65

      Move trigger activator
      74000130 02BD

      Move modifier
      82024022 0XXX

      Replace XXX with codes below

      How to activate
      1.Find wild pokemon
      2.Select 'Run'
      3. Press R+B+Up

      00F Cut
      163 life fang
      164 air slash
      165 aqua jet
      166 aqua tail
      167 aura sphere
      168 avalanche
      169 brave bird
      16a bug buzz
      16b bullet punch
      16c charge beam
      16d close combat
      16e cross poison
      16f dark pulse
      170 discharge
      171 draco meteor
      172 dragon pulse
      173 drain punch
      174 earth power
      175 energy ball
      176 focus blast
      177 force palm
      178 giga impact
      179 grass knot
      17a gunk shot
      17b hammer arm
      17c head smash
      17d ice shard
      17e iron head
      17f lava flume
      180 magnet bomb
      181 mud bomb
      182 nasty plot
      183 night slash
      184 omnious wind
      185 power gem
      186 power whip
      187 psycho cut
      188 rock climb
      189 rock polish
      18a rock wrecker
      18b roost
      18c seed bomb
      18d shadow claw
      18e shadow sneak
      18f vacum wave
      190 x-scissor
      191 zen headbutt
      192 switcheroo
      193 drill run
      194 bulldoze
      195 electroweb
      196 flame charge
      197 frost breath
      198 heart stamp
      199 hone claw
      19a horn leech
      19b coil
      19c hurricane
      19d icicle crash
      19e work up
      19f quiver dance
      200 attack order
      201 defend order
      202 heal order
      203 captivate
      204 defog
      205 origin pulse
      206 cliff blade
      207 guard swap
      208 steam pump
      209 metal burst
      20a me first
      20b power swap
      20c power trick
      20d psycho shift
      20e wring out
      20f king sheild
      210 psystrike
      211 automize
      212 diamond storm
      213 sludge wave
      214 heavy slam
      215 synchronoise
      216 electroball
      217 foul play
      218 entertainment
      219 night daze
      21a echoed voice
      21b lands wrath
      21c oblivion wing
      21d heart swap
      21e crush grip
      21f Sacred sword
      220 heat crash
      221 head charge
      222 techno blast
      223 relic song
      224 Secret sword
      225 glaciate
      226 bolt strike
      227 blue flare
      228 freeze shock
      229 ice burn
      22a V create
      22b fusion flare
      22c fusion bolt
      22d Fell stinger
      22e noble roar
      22f dragon rise
      230 Parting shot
      231 topsy turvy
      232 core enforce
      233 chatter
      234 confide
      235 water star
      236 mystic fire
      237 spiky shield
      238 Eerie impulse
      239 hold back
      23a infestation
      23b power up hit
      23c 1000 arrows
      23d 1000 waves
      23e para charge
      23f Searing shot
      240 seed flare
      241 Accelrock
      242 anchor shot
      243 Aurora veil
      244 baneful bunk
      245 beak blast
      246 brutal swing
      247 burn up
      248 clang scale
      249 Dark lariat
      24a draco hammer
      24b fire lash
      24c first press
      24d fleur cannon
      24e floral heal
      24f gear up
      250 horsepower
      251 ice hammer
      252 laser focus
      253 leafage
      254 liquidation
      255 lunge
      256 geist beam
      257 multi attack
      258 natures mad
      259 pollen puff
      25a power trip
      25b prism laser
      25c psychic fang
      25d purify
      25e revel dance
      25f shadow bone
      260 shell trap
      261 shore up
      262 smart strike
      263 solar blade
      264 sparkle area
      265 spect theif
      266 speed swap
      267 spirit lock
      268 spotlight
      269 bad tantrum
      26a strength sap
      26b sunsteel ram
      26c teary look
      26d throat chop
      26e toxic thread
      26f Trop kick
      270 zing zap
      271 elect terrain
      272 grass ter
      273 mist ter
      274 phsy ter
      275 grass pledge
      276 fire pledge
      277 water pledge
      278 trick room*
      279 magic room
      27a wonder room
      27b crafty guard
      27c mat block
      27d quick guard
      27e wide guard
      27f aqua ring
      280 aroma mist
      281 belch
      282 bestow
      283 fling
      284 fying press*
      285 gravity
      286 guard split
      287 heal block
      288 ion deluge
      289 lucky chant
      28a magnet rise
      28b magnet flux
      28c powder
      28d power split
      28e reflect type
      28f simple beam
      290 soak
      291 telekenisis
      292 trickotreat
      293 venom drench
      294 wood curse
      295 mind blown
      296 photongeyser
      297 plasma fist
      298 electrify
      299 embargo
      29a fairy lock
      29b light o ruin
      29c trump card
      29d after you
      29e instruct
      29f quas

      0001-0162 is Gen 1-3 moves
      0300+up is Dynamax moves.

      1. How do you evolve Poliwhirl to Politoed ? I've tried using a trade stone on Poliwhirl and even tried giving it a king's rock to hold and then using the trade stone, but neither methods work. Please advise!

    35. It's impossible to get cut. Did you test this game at all?

      1. download the version 1.35 or try to cheat to buy cut in the mart

    36. How to battle with elite four in indigo plateau, because the guard said that Lorelei is gone so I can't enter. Is this some kind of bug or because I didn't finish something?

      1. Fyi, I haven't beat elite four yet, and I haven't unlock island four etc yet.

      2. Go back to one island and talk to Celio in the Pokémon center, he'll ask u to find a ruby on the same island (it's where the two rocket guys are) then give u the rainbow pass to the sevii islands, Lorelei is on four island I think

    37. Dude someone is reaping upvotes in reddit by showcasing your romhack.


    38. It says this game is high difficulty but it's easier than vanilla Fire Red

    39. At what time specifically can I get a DUSK lycanroc?

    40. it would be cool if you could add all the form changing items though

    41. How can I transform Necrozma?

    42. How to evolve meltan into melmetal and do know the code for easy catch?

    43. please add prison bottle and gracedia pls pls pls pls pls

    44. Hello, how can I get red orb to primal revert Groudon and how can I evolve Meltan?

    45. Uh, excuse me but the link goes to the 1.2 version, which has a lot of bugs like the Route 25 one, can you update it?

    46. Where i can get Z - move gems ??

      1. You can get them in celadon game center or corner

    47. pls include gracedia and prison bottle

    48. Hello the link goes to version 1.2 and not 1.3 which is latest

    49. Any idea where to find Venipede/Whirlipede/Scolipede and Tynamo/Eelektrik/Eelektross?

      1. I didn't find Venipede, but Tynamo is on the water at Route 12

    50. I caught a gible and it held and item named ??????, is it a megastone or just a glitch?

    51. one of the best hack¡¡ congratulations¡¡, please add the 8th gen

    52. Where can i find TM24 Thunderbolt in this game ?

    53. I encountered a bug after beating the Cerulean Gym. Walking past the bridge. The first boy to battle was bugged. After you beat him. You'll he stucked. I can see my character but when i move the joystick, another char is moving (half of the body is seen moving) can i fix that?

    54. The gane still bugged. The link was 1.2 version

    55. This is sooooooo awesome thanks to the difficulty :)
      Anyway, I want to ask a question...
      How can I make an egg...? The day-care grandparents don't give any egg.
      Although I walked about 20000 steps, I didn't get an egg.

    56. How the Stars system of the DexNav works? Sometimes 0 stars pokemons have better IVs than the ones with 3 stars.

    57. Is it just me , or that grass patch on cycling road cannot be dexnav'ed ? Everytime i tried to move it says "The Pokemon got away ! Try to move more slowly." even when i didn't move at all. Is it a glitch or it's just hard as heck to perform ?

    58. hi how evolve porygon2 to porygon z?

      1. Trade Stone,buy it at Celadon.But you can catch Porygon Z at Safari zone.


    60. anyone have this game in qr or cia file. i dont know how to gba files to cia.. someone help

    61. How can i rayquaza mega evlove ??

    62. Thanks for the nice game. May I ask you some questions?
      1) Where can I find Cleffa or Clefairy, Reuniclus, and Comfey?
      2) The 'Save' on the game menu doesn't work, so I am using the saving slots of VBA emulator... Therefore, after defeating the Elite 4 and Green, the ending credits come up and the game automatically restarts, but not saved... so I cannot do anything thereafter... Is there any solution for this problem?

      1. Friend, I did the steps available on the site: https://www.supercheats.com/gameboyadvance/pokemon-firered/14043/save-error-fix-without-having/

        It worked!!

    63. Any idea where Scolipede is?

    64. Wasn't supposed for the dexNav to reset the level and bonus after a chain break?

    65. Replies
      1. even me how dow u evolve meltan and how do you evovle the shiny riolu??

    66. Anyone have any tips on WHERE TO FIND A GRENINJA WITH BATTLE BOND 😭

    67. Game frozen when Aloha Geodude evolve to Graveler

    68. Ho to evolve Sliggoo in this game??

      1. Leveling up in the rain doesn't work. Not rain that you create by the way, but there's no permanent rain area. Basically you can't evolve Sliggoo, lame.

      2. Go to the warp hole in cerulean city they use a Rare Candy to level up slingoo inside that warp hole

    69. This hack is cool but annoyingly hard. I hope you'll lower the difficulty ASAP

    70. Whats the highest shiny chance we get cause we get the shiny charm plus dexnav if it even works like the ones on the 3ds game?

    71. Please how do I evolve meltan in the game and where do I get ash Greninja

    72. Hi. Can you to implement some way to see poke Ev's ?

    73. Replies
      1. Found a solution: https://www.supercheats.com/gameboyadvance/pokemon-firered/14043/save-error-fix-without-having/

    74. Maybe a stupid question but evee to espeon evolve through the day?

    75. Please say about way to mega evolve rayquaza

      1. mega ray,it will be available in the next update

    76. สูตร ขนมหวานหายาก

    77. Hello
      I can catch deoxys you can fix???

      1. yes you can ,please check youtube or google

    78. Hello can you remove this thing of same level this is very borring please

    79. Hey guys do anyone know how to evolve meltan into melmetal??

    80. How do you evolve Poliwhirl to Politoed ? I've tried using a trade stone on Poliwhirl and even tried giving it a king's rock to hold and then using the trade stone, but neither methods work. Please advise!

    81. Can we get hidden abilities in wild pokemon ? If not then then please tell me how ?

    82. This comment has been removed by the author.

    83. toxic orb, fire orb Cheat Codes plz

    84. bro u cant catch ash greninja because you cant use the dexnav in route 17 . mehhh

      1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    85. Dexnav is not working in water.. If i use it on land, it works but when i use surf, dexnav stops.

    86. why i cant battle E4? there is someone blocking and says about lorelei isn't there or something like that,

      please answear, im stuck here

      thanks, this is the best pokemon rom hack i've ever play

    87. I am asking once more about this, Are hidden abilities of pokemon available in the wild. I am asking this because the dexnav shows the hidden ability of the pokemon in the wild if you capture them ?/?
      Please do answer if they are available in the wild.

      1. yes you can find a pokemon with hidden ability

    88. anybody know how i can evolve eevee into umbreon?

    89. i need life orb's item code for my convenience. can i?

    90. I'm legit stuck past the nugget bridge. I can see my character but he isn't moving and for some reason I have a clone walking around off screen and stuck. Walk through walls DOES NOT work. This game is so bugged

      1. The same thing happens to me, I think it's not fixed yet.

    91. Game freezes when my pokemon are dynamax and level up please fix this

    92. Help please. I caught a Keldeo (Resolute Forme) on safari and when I saw it on my PC, it is just a normal Keldeo so I have bothered to check on Celadon move relearner and the Secret Sword isn't there... What do I do? My Keldeo doesn't even have a Special Atk Stab Fighting moveset <(•口•")> and I have the same problem on Meloetta too, I mean where could I find the Relic Song? The relearner doesn't have it too, does a Pirouette forme resides on other place? TIA for the help.

      1. wait for the next update,all these bugs will be fixed

    93. Love this, hope you work on more rom hacks <3 thanks for your hard work

    94. do you have a list of pokemon location ? because the pokedex doesnt seem to be working at all

    95. can you give us a date when the new update is released where level scaling is gone because it is really annoying

    96. How to get sapphire stone?? pls help im d u m m

      1. follow this https://www.romsprid.xyz/p/how-to-find-lorelei-in-pokemon-fire-red.html

    97. so im already at the elite 4 but it says that lorelei isnt there, how do i like, find her?

      1. check here https://www.romsprid.xyz/p/how-to-find-lorelei-in-pokemon-fire-red.html

    98. Olá queria perguntar como é que posso evoluir o rockruff para cada uma as 3 evoluções.

    99. do you have a list of pokemon location ? because the pokedex doesnt seem to be working at all

    100. How do I evolve Rockruff to Dusk forme

    101. if i may ask how does one get the arceus plates because i have one and cant seem to figure out where to get the plates

    102. I've been playing alittle bit and I have noticed that occasionally it'll bug out and pokemon sprites will disappear or change into anopther pokemon and it may or may not have its moves chamged.

    103. How to evolve alolan vulpix? I can't fond the Ice stone in Celadon market

    104. Thank you to the developer of this mod. I hope you will continue to update this game (as in regular update like an online game). Will visit your site regularly. If you have a youtube channel, I'll subscribe. Thanks.

    105. This comment has been removed by the author.

      1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    106. All of the sudden my charicter was frozen and the male sprite appeared at the top of the screen and I controlled that now as well as being stuck patrolling the same five squares I really like this game and dont want to lose my progress if anyone knows a fix plz help.

    107. Great hack , btw when is the next update coming ?

    108. Hi, I love this game but I have a problem, It's possible to find Oddish? I want to complete the pokedex from Kanto. <3

    109. i can't battle online with my friend, how i can do that ?

    110. Hello, i have a question! Is Buneary and Lopunny in game? If yes what route then? I couldn't find them so im not sure where i should hunt :/

    111. Please Creator Help Me I've Been Trying to Search It for A Week Would Hope You will Answer me Please tell me How To Transform Into Ash Greninja With Torrent Or How to Get Battle Bond On Greninja

      1. Its impossible I think but it is possinle to get ash greninhagh cheats first go to cerulean cavr then gwt a get trainer pokemin cheat after that activate it and fight ash I. Ceruleancave ash asgray asg greminja you can steal his ash grrmi.ja tjrouh cheats

      2. please try to find one in route 16 & 17 with battle bond ability,in the next update you can use ability capsule for this

    112. How to get ash greninja and how can I evolve meltan tell mee pls

      1. please find a melmetal on the safari zone,the item for evolution is bugged

    113. Hello! I have a problem with gba link battles. I'm playing with some friends on the android emulator My boy and every time we try to do a link battle, it freezes. We can trade normally but we can't battle. We get a few moments of music and then it crashes the emulator. Is there a fix that we can try or is it a problem with the rom or emulator?
      Thanks!!!!! Great game btw