Touhoumon World Link

Touhoumon World Link GBA ROM Hack Download

Game Info
Game Name: Touhoumon World Link
Console: Game Boy Advance (GBA)
Version: Final
Remake By: Aichiya Sanae
Rom Base: Pokemon Emerald
Update Date: ---
Status: Complete
Languages: English
Source: Here

Description & Story :

Touhoumon World Link ,is a hack of Pokemon Emerald , In this game, you control your character in the game a little harder than normal, with no Pokémon, but the characters in the world of Touhou that replace ,And some surprises out Touhou.

 A long time ago, Patchouli Knowledge grew tired of Marisa Kirisame coming and stealing her books. Therefore, she made some puppets with decent intelligence and power to keep the library safe. (She doesn’t believe in Hong Meiling at all) Unfortunately, one of the manuals had been stolen by Marisa and the thief herself made a lot of puppets for pilfering. When they came, Patchouli impatiently blew both armies of puppets and a part of the library away, included the remaining manuals. After the incident, puppets have been producing with a large amount and people got used to them. Time passes and they are now served like pets to everyon

Game Features :


    Screenshots :

    Touhoumon World Link GBA ROM Hack Download

    Touhoumon World Link GBA ROM Hack Download:

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