Touhoumon Marisa’s Magic World

Touhoumon Marisa’s Magic World GBA ROM Hack Download

Game Info
Game Name: Touhoumon Marisa’s Magic World
Console: Game Boy Advance (GBA)
Version: 1.20
Remake By: Aichiya Sanae
Rom Base: Pokemon Ruby
Update Date: ---
Status: Complete
Languages: English
Source: Here

Description & Story :

Touhoumon Marisa’s Magic World ,This ROM hack replaces all 386 Pokemon present in the game with the various Touhou characters , where they are called “Boneka” Indonesian for “doll”. In contrast to most other Pokemon ROM hacks which usually follow a story The World Marisa is the farm area “to improve your boneka” .Games Touhoumon Another World and World Link. You can capture boneka advanced level 1 according to the EV you want, learn skills to your boneka, capture boneka Chibi (CXXXX), buy all kinds of cheap items (including Master Ball, Stones of evolution, CT, …) or face Marisa, Reimu and Sanae level of difficulty you want to improve your boneka.

Game Features :

-Touhoumon Marisa’s Magic World is designed for helping other games to find Bonéka that is hard to find in appropriate game.
-The game has no Story. Focus on Catch and Collect.
-You can catch any Bonéka in this game with some exception. There are 4 areas currently in this game:
-Area C: Chibi Boneka area
-Area N: Normal Boneka area, and some with non-prefix Boneka -such as Mimi-chan, Ruukuto, Kedama, etc.
-Area E: Ex Boneka area
-Area S: Special form Boneka area In the beginning of the game, only Area C that is unlocked. The other areas will be unlocked as you catch more Boneka.
-Link compatibility with either Touhoumon World Link or -Touhoumon Another World. Limited to Trading. Recommended using Touhoumon World Link/Another World v1.30 or later version.
-Item prices are cut down, because you can only battle with Marisa, Reimu, or Sanae. Mary/Renko also can be battled

    Screenshots :

    Touhoumon Marisa’s Magic World GBA ROM Hack Download

    Touhoumon Marisa’s Magic World GBA ROM Hack Download:

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