Pokemon Toxic Purple

Pokemon Toxic Purple GBA ROM Hack Download

Game Info
Game Name: Pokemon Toxic Purple
Console: Game Boy Advance (GBA)
Version: Alpha 1
Remake By: Ckret2
Rom Base: Pokemon Fire Red
Update Date: ---
Status: InComplete
Languages: English
Source: Here

Description & Story :

Pokemon Toxic Purple ,Congratulations, you've just graduated from Team Rocket's boot camp and are ready to get your own Pokémon and start wreaking havoc! You and your
partner are being sent to the hidden Rocket base in Saffron City, where you will get your first assignment to go to Lavender Town. Don't bother trying to go to any other city: all the other security guards are on the look-out for Rockets and won't let you through. We've bribed off the East Gate guard, though...

You'll be involved in all of Team Rocket's most impressive schemes. Poaching Cubone in Pokémon Tower is only the beginning. You'll be helping Team Rocket as it slowly moves towards its ultimate goal: Taking over Silph Co. and, after
that, Kanto. There will be some kinks in the plan, of course. There's this twerp named Red who seems to show up on the scene just after you leave, undoing all of Team Rocket's hard work. There's a rookie Officer named Jenny who just won't leave you alone. There's the constant threat that Mewtwo might come back from his self-imposed exile to wreak havoc. And then, then there's the
fact that Team Rocket is about to break up for three years.

Three years into the future, you'll be involved in the effort to bring Team Rocket back from an undeserved defeat: cutting off Slowpoke tails, taking the Radio Tower director hostage, rigging up complicated radio signals, searching for your missing boss, the works. But Red's example has spawned more ambitious young twerps, and the glorious comeback won't last long. Team Rocket will fall a second time.

Its third incarnation will be all up to you...

Game Features :

-Receive an epic Rattata!!
-Steal your first Pokémon
-Play entirely through your first mission: dealing with a Marowak...
-Receive the Big Machete and mutilate those pesky trees!
-Battle a bunch of re-leveled trainers
-Attempt to figure out whether or not the dialogue has been changed on said
-trainers. (Usually it has, if only slightly.)
-Talk to a bunch of NPCs, just to say you did.
-Wonder why that Channeler has a Bellsprout.
-Wonder how a Meowth can play cards.
-Wonder why you need a Silph Scope to see Zubat and Cubone.

    Screenshots :

    Pokemon Toxic Purple GBA ROM Hack Download

    Pokemon Toxic Purple GBA ROM Hack Download:

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