Pokemon Metal (PC)

Pokemon Metal RPG Maker XP Download

Game Info
Game Name: Pokemon Metal
Platform: Windows
Version: 10.2015
Created By: LightningAlex
Size: 96  MB
Status: Complete
Languages: English
Source: Here

Description & Story :

Pokemon Metal akes place in the Arala region. Professor Oak has just moved to the protagonist's hometown, Moon City. He invites the player to his new laboratory, and gives him/her their first Pokemon and a Pokedex. Professor Oak sends the player on a quest to challenge the 8 gyms of Arala and the Pokemon League, while catching as many Pokemon as possible along the journey...

Game Features :

-A completely new, huge region
-All Pokemon obtainable
-A lot of events after the Pokemon League (big postgame)
-3 rivals
-Half-open world
-WoW-like quest system
-Changed evolution methods for Pokemon that need to be traded
-A lot of areas to investigate (Caves, mountains, islands, etc.)
-Offline Wonder Trade
-Mega Evolution
-3 criminal organizations (Team Rocket, Team Aqua & Team Magma)

    Screenshots :

    Pokemon Metal RPG Maker XP Download

    Pokemon Metal RPG Maker XP Download:

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