Pokemon Mega Evolution Aquamarine

Pokemon Mega Evolution Aquamarine GBA ROM Hack Download

Game Info
Game Name: Pokemon Mega Evolution Aquamarine
Console: Game Boy Advance (GBA)
Version: Beta
Remake By: Oscar
Rom Base: Pokemon Fire Red
Release Date: ---
Languages: Spanish
Source: Here

Description & Story :

Pokemon Mega Evolution Aquamarine is a Hack Of Pokemon Fire Red With A Lot of Change to discover,In this hack we will live the story of a young man whose past was tragic.

Our protagonist will have to face a tyrannical and corrupt organization, whose radical wishes for peace lead to the massacre of innocents or to the destruction of whole villages by mere suspicions.

The government receives huge income from this organization, the police do not intervene or act in this situation ...

The citizens live in fear, the coaches do not dare to face this injustice ...

Our Hero is not a rookie, has a great knowledge about POKéMON and is very different from the rest of the youngsters of his age.

His combat ability will see him shine more than once, but not only his ... The protagonist will meet courageous heroes who will join his cause.

A hack without medals, a linear hack where we will live the acts as if it were a book ...A hack with high content in side events and unlockable stories ...

Game Features :

-Mega Evolution System Style 6 GEN
-Pokemons From Gen 1-6
-Physical / Special Division
-New Story
-New Tiles
-New Sprites
-Highly developed secondary events
-Mugshot of the main characters when they speak
-Pokedex Custom from ALL Generations
-High difficulty (following a careful and studied system)
-Systems: Head blow, flamethrower, whip strain, demolition ... as MO
-New Items
-Main movements systems of 0 (there will be no court, flight or surf, but we can go on our own boat, climb trees and use Ultra Flight)
-Hack CENTRADISIMO in History (0 gyms, 0 leagues)
-Hack with HUGE reference RPG (we will visit Pirate Ships Zombies, Infinite Deserts, Sirens Island, islands in the sky, giant temples, etc.)
-Not a single reference to any Game freak character.
-Midis Classic Games like Megaman, Mario, Zelda, Dragon Quest, etc.
-Various ASM routines to improve the effectiveness of scripts

    Screenshots :

    Pokemon Mega Evolution Aquamarine GBA ROM Hack Download

    Pokemon Mega Evolution Aquamarine GBA ROM Hack Download:

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    Game Shark Codes:
    These Code Works Very Well on Visual Boy Advance and My Boy Android Emulator

    Master Code:
    The codes do not work without the Master Code
    72BC6DFB E9CA5465
    A47FB2DC 1AF3CA86
    Rare Candy:
    Access to your PC and Withdraw
    Master Ball:
    Buy them at all Pokemarts
    82003884 0001
    Infinite Money:
    82025838104E AD86124F2823D8DA
    WalkThrough Walls:
    509197D3 542975F4
    78DA95DF 44018CB4

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