Pokemon HarvestCraft

Pokemon HarvestCraft GBA ROM Hack Download

Game Info
Game Name: Pokemon HarvestCraft
Console: Game Boy Advance (GBA)
Version: V2
Remake By: Quil09
Rom Base: Pokemon Ruby
Status: Complete
Languages: English
Source: Here

Description & Story :

Pokemon HarvestCraft This is like HarvestMoon and Minecraft

The game is simple, Play as a farmer Brendan or May work on your small farm, save the town “CANDLELIGHT TOWN” ,21 years ago, Pokemon lived in harmony in the woods. The Pokemons were ruled by TREVENANT.

One day, A group of people cxame and started cutting trees and building houses. The TREVENANT did not know what to do so he ask help on HARVEST. HARVEST quickly responds and tried to punish the people. But she fell in love with one of them, ERIC, an 18 year old man. They fell in love with each other so 2 years later they decided to get married. But one thing HARVEST did’nt know about herself. When he marries a human, she will lost all of her powers and pass it to TREVENANT.

(TREVENANT knows about this and asking HARVESTs help was a part of his plan to get HARVEST fell in love with a human). At the end of the wedding, HARVEST tried to use her powers to create fireworks but it did’nt work, she realized that she lost all of her powers but it but she accepted it because she is happy with her husband. TREVENANT is wondering why he still dont have HARVESTs powers so he asked KAPPA, HARVESTs BROTHER. KAPPA said that he will only obtain HARVESTs powers at the birth of the HARVEST BABY. (KAPPA didn’t know about TREVENANT’s plan).

One day, KAPPA manage to find out TREVENANT’s plan (To trap the people inside the town and to kill the baby) so he tries to stop him but he failed. KAPPA was trap inside a lake. KAPPA told TREVENANT that someone can stop him.

Game Features :

-New Items
-New Pokemons
-New Moves
-Pokemons from Gen 4 to Gen 6
-Fairy Type Pokemons
-No GYM Battles and No Elite Fours
-Bachelors and Bachelorettes
-Smashing Rocks and Boulders
-Cooking and Crafting
-All Evolution Stones and TM SURF
-Grow and harvest Pumpkaboo
-Foods to eat to add more energy

    Screenshots :

    Pokemon HarvestCraft GBA ROM Hack Download

    Pokemon HarvestCraft GBA ROM Hack Download:

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