Pokemon Gold 97

Pokemon Gold 97 GBC ROM Hack Download

Game Info
Game Name: Pokemon Gold 97
Console: Game Boy Color (GBC)
Version: 2.03
Remake By: pkmncrystal97
Rom Base: Pokemon Crystal
Release Date: 2020
Status: Complete
Languages: English
Source: Here

Description & Story :

Pokemon Gold 97 is based on the Pokémon Gold / Silver demo shown at the “SpaceWorld” event held in 1997, this demo would have several things that were not in the final game, such as mechanics, pokémon, items, etc. So the game is like a continuation of the demo that couldn't be finished.

The base story is the same as the original gold, with some details that would be indicated in demo 97, as for example, the fact that your rival Silver, in the demo was not really your rival but a friend-rival, like Barry and Hau.

Game Features :

-All 251 Pokemon as seen in the Spaceworld demo
-Complete graphics overall, fully pulled from the Spaceworld demo
-In addition to pokémon, graphics, miniatures, trainer sprites and other sprites also taken from demo 97.
-Items and Hits that were only present in the demo.
-New evolution stone: Trade Stone, to evolve pokémon that only evolve in exchange.
-New story that follows the base found in the demo

    Screenshots :

    Pokemon Gold 97 GBC ROM Hack Download

    Pokemon Gold 97 GBC ROM Hack Download:

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