Pokemon Suri

Pokemon Suri GBA ROM Download

Game Info
Game Name: Pokemon Suri
Console: Game Boy Advance (GBA)
Version: Beta 1
Remake By: Jaizu
Rom Base: Pokemon Fire Red
Release Date: 2020
Languages: English
Source: Here

Description & Story :

Pokemon Suri,This is not a remake, this happens after Pokemon HG/SS.
This hack won't contain the Kanto region.
You recently moved to Johto.
Gold just won the Pokemon league, and now he prefers investigating stuff than battling.
Lyra is a Pokemon breeder, a good one.
Unow and Arceus are realted.
Rowan appears to help Elm and Gold with the Ruins Alpha misteries.

Game Features :

-Pokedex from Pokemon Crystal plus pre-evos and evos from other gens, including 4th gen.
-Arceus as last Pokemon in the dex, since he is related to uknow
-Default settings changed (battle as set, stereo music, fast text-speed)
-Reusable TMs
-EXP when catching a Pokemon
-Easy to forget any attack, including HM.
-Music from HG/SS
-Updated graphics
-Revamped sprites. The ones who aren't revamped yet are updated to the NDS standars.
-Animated title screen (It doesn't work in real hardware, like a 2ds, so an alternative download without an animated screen will be provided)
-Story based after Pokemon HG/SS
-Moves from other gens (Scad, Fire Fang, Aqua Jet...)
-Remade some Pokemon movesets, important one updated
-You can choose between two sets of starter Pokemon (Eevee, Elekid, Magby / Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile)
-PPS split
-Better pokemon level curve
-Changed wild Pokemon compared to HG/SS, so you can catch more stuff with better levels
-IVs and natures strenght/weakness displayed in the summary screen
-Cries from Gen 7
-New characters and events, since it's a new story
-Old moves updated, mostly damage and PP
-Pokemon League in Mt. Silver
-Pokemon will survive from poison with 1HP
-Eggs hatch at level 1
-You start the game with the running shoes, and you can run indoors
-BW repel system
-You can Headbutt small trees
-Progressive Pokemon Mart based in the amount of medals you got
RTC System: You can check the time in the indoor's clocks. Also you can evolve to Espeon and Umbreon

    Screenshots :

    Pokemon Suri GBA ROM Download

    Pokemon Suri GBA ROM Download:

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    Game Shark Codes:
    These Code Works Very Well on Visual Boy Advance and My Boy Android Emulator

    Master Code:
    The codes do not work without the Master Code
    72BC6DFB E9CA5465
    A47FB2DC 1AF3CA86
    Rare Candy:
    Access to your PC and Withdraw
    Master Ball:
    Buy them at all Pokemarts
    82003884 0001
    Infinite Money:
    82025838104E AD86124F2823D8DA
    WalkThrough Walls:
    509197D3 542975F4
    78DA95DF 44018CB4

    More Cheat Codes HERE

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