Pokemon Moon Black 2

Pokemon Moon Black 2 NDS ROM Download

Game Info
Game Name: Pokemon Moon Black 2
Console: Nintendo DS (NDS)
Version: Beta 3
Remake By: Jrfort
Rom Base: Pokemon Black 2
Update Date: 25/11/19
Status: Compete (8Gyms + E4)
Languages: English
Source: Here

Description & Story :

Pokemon Moon Black 2 is a Remake of Pokemon Black 2 on Nintendo Ds

After Becoming the League Champion and Defeating the Final Hurrah Island Challenge Boss Prof. Kukui

Sun/Moon Got Permission To Travel On Unova Region To Challenge The Elite Four and test what His/her Learned on thier Experience and see the Difference and How Strong the Trainers of Alola and Unova

Game Features :

- New Pokemon
- Unova Forms and Alola Forms
- New Rivals
- New Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Champion
- New Items
- New Moves
- New Events
- Mega Evolution (Outside of battle)
- Harder Difficulty
- Fairy Type and the new type chart
- Brand New Pokemon World Tournament - With Trainers From Every Region

    Screenshots :

    Pokemon Moon Black 2 NDS ROM Download

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