Pokemon Hoenn Adventures

Pokemon Hoenn Adventures GBA ROM Download

Game Info
Game Name: Pokemon Hoenn Adventures
Console: Game Boy Advance (GBA)
Version: Complete
Remake By: Oscar Brock
Rom Base: Pokemon Ruby
Release Date: ---
Languages: Spanish
Source: Here

Description & Story :

Pokemon Hoenn Adventures is a Pokemon Ruby hack, There are so many improvements and modifications in the game and the original story that will make you wonder if you are actually playing Pokémon Ruby. Hoenn has been completely redone, and there are several new events, and a second region to explore in the post game.

Game Features :

-Pokemon to 3rd gen.
-New secondary missions.
-NDS graphic
-The battlefield comes from Heart Gold / Soul Silver.
-The difficulty of this game is not for any newcomer, for the hard-core fans.
-Many mysterious gifts throughout this game.
-Soundlists are remastered.
-You can reuse the TMs now.
-New moves, new skills, etc.
-Alola forms
-Region of Jotho after Hoenn
and more

Screenshots :

Pokemon Hoenn Adventures GBA ROM Download

Pokemon Hoenn Adventures GBA ROM Download:

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